Is The Artist Who Invented Camouflage Hiding In Plain Sight?

Just another collapsed answer from Quora.

I believe that this deceptive artist is hiding in plain sight. This would explain so many things.

Like, when I was walking across a room and tripped. On nothing. Nothing was there. It must have been his foot. He was camouflaged as the laundry detergent or the dog’s water dish.

His ability to melt into the landscape, provided the landscape is green and brown, is perhaps why the dog suddenly becomes galvanic and rises from the floor just as I step over her.

It’s because the The Artist, Formerly Known as Visible Joe, gooses her with the toe of his boot at the opportune moment.

You’d think she’d know he was near since his pockets are always stuffed with Slim Jims. Those are sheathed in camouflage cellophane. It’s devilishly clear, which makes it even harder to see. Camouflage is a very complex concept.

There was the time I was positive no one was in the right lane when I wanted to change lanes. I thought the passenger seat was empty when I looked over my shoulder in preparation, and saw naught but the Naugahyde covering it.

A Naugahyde covered arm reached over to do the Stop Short when I hadn’t even braked. I felt an invisible hand on the Slingshot Ladies and I knew I’d been had.

This joker, Camouflage Man, went on to lead his own life, married, and had children. It took many years though. His wife was never sure whether he was in bed with her until she happened to turn on her side and someone would tap her on the back.

She managed to get pregnant when she sat on their camouflaged sofa and discovered her hubby was already seated there, paying strict attention to her movements. She sat her bottom right down in his lap at the opportune moment.

It’s a shame they haven’t seen their baby in three years, but they know he’s in the house somewhere. They can hear him.

The artist who designed camouflage is hiding in plain sight, and needs to change some invisible diapers, Dad.

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