UX’s main success comes from focusing on user research and on a cycle, user-centric approach to solving solutions. But what if we applied this process to our daily lives?

Before we get started on how this process would work for your day-to-day life, let’s recap on what user-centric design consists of:

  1. Research
  2. Design
  3. Testing
  4. Repeat

Creative brief: Life purpose

We can all come to an agreement that the Internet has tons of advice on how to have the ‘perfect’ lifestyle. And it’s really easy to confuse a lot of the ‘inspirational’ messages to a path of self-growth & improvement and a life that you’re…

As much as we want to assume that our users are ‘similar to us’ — they really aren’t. Anyone involved in making a product or an experience is NOT considered a normal user.

So, what gives? We all know that old school UX research focuses on what the user needs/goals (surface level things, like the ‘tip of an iceberg’). It works for designing UX that meet user needs like, completing tasks and achieving their goals. But what if we persuade users to take action?

:drum roll: Behavioral research, it definitely builds on old school (traditional) research since persuasive design focuses…

Good UX can be an important factor in the success of becoming healthier and not thinking about managing diabetes as a burden. I found this as an interesting challenge to solve.

Let’s take a step back

A s a type l diabetic that uses an insulin pump, I realized that I needed help. Life gets hectic sometimes and I need someone or something to help remind me to check my blood sugar levels, record my sugar levels and to eat. There are apps that help users track their meals, but nothing had everything a diabetic would want. …

I’m starting a series called #foodforthought to write up random thoughts I get. So, I got lost in my thoughts the other day on my subway ride home, and it got me thinking about functional and beautiful design (the challenge for all creatives).

Successful design — the kind that leads in the market, wins hearts and minds combines beauty and function. What does beauty bring to make a functional design so impactful? Beauty is the halfway point between the designer and the user. Beauty for us (designers) represents our passion and how we hone our craft. …

Gigi Mostafa

Creating seamless user experiences as a product & UX designer.

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