Resolutions for 2017

Already, I can tell this year is going to be better than last year. It’s not because I started the year off “right”, but more because I have more goals to accomplish; a place I want to reach, a path I want to run on. Although 2016 had been overall an okay year, I felt a lack of accomplishment for that year. While thinking about my resolutions for this year, I realize I lacked a lot of motivations and goals I wanted to achieve last year. While I do keep my expectations low, I have more concrete goals I want to accomplish this year.

This resolution list is still an ongoing process.

  1. Losing 10 lb of weight. Of course, this goal involves a fitness routine, eating healthier, and living a healthier, active lifestyle.
  2. Write a blog at least once per week. I want to get started on this blog writing, making it a challenge to myself and hopefully grow from this personally and professionally.
  3. Get a 4.0 gpa for one quarter. I have three tries. Hopefully, I get one. Obviously, the more, the better
  4. Get a lil sis during winter quarter. For my fraternity.
  5. Go to EDC. And experience the amazingness of it.
  6. Get more ear piercings! Specifically, my third ear lobe, conch, two helixes, and forward helix piercings. And maybe squeeze in a rook piercing…
  7. Get at least one internship or job. This one feels like the hardest of them all already, but I know I just have to keep applying and applying.
  8. Be happier and live more appreciative, adventurous, and vivaciously. Last year, I feel like I was too focused on what people thought of me, how I should present myself, and simply just on other people. I thought I was focusing on myself, but I wasn’t putting myself in my best intentions. This year, I want to focus on being happier and doing whatever makes me happy.
  9. Strengthen my close friendships and make new close friendships. I forgot that I can still develop close friendships. I had thought it was too late for me to make close friends again, but I was wrong. The only way to make friendships even closer is if I be open to people, open myself as a person, and take initiative. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is what I need to remind myself.
  10. Save money. I always spend recklessly, but hopefully I can limit myself to two drinks per week this year.
  11. No more L’s!!! Truthfully, I can’t eliminate the Ls I experience in life, but I can definitely lessen them .