6 UX Design Trends to Watch in 2016

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User Experience (UX) Design take an important role in product design and creative digital solutions. When we think of a new product or a new solution, “Trends to Watch” in coming year always be the 1st keywords to search in Google.

Customer demands and expectations for innovative UX will continue to accelerate in 2016. Here are 6 trends to watch in 2016, and each topics will come with takeaways ideas for your inspiration.

Continuity Across Devices to Create a New Digital Ecosystems

The smartphone is more than primary screen. It become a kind of connection for our whole digital experience. Many findings showed that the users are using their smartphone while watching TV / browsing in desktop.

And the rise of Internet of things (IoT) also driving the impact on our live. Together with the massive digital ecosystem competition between Apple and Google, from Carplay to Android Auto, from Apple Watch to Android Wear, from HomeKit to Nest Lab, and what’s more? Have you try to remote your iPhone to take photo by Apple Watch?

A new cycle of platform-specific hardware innovation enable product to push the boundaries of engagement more closer to user’s daily life. To work together beautifully and surprise the user, UX design should responsive to the platform and context experience.


Image Source: Adaptive Path
  • User Journey Analysis in Experience Map can help to understand the context and how is the user interact with the product by different channel Read More
Image Source: Apple
  • Get inspiration from Apple Continuity concept of Handoff, handle a task across device Read More
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User Experience with Data Analysis

UX is more than delight experience, it drive business and product value with LOVE and HATE of your product. When data mash up with UX, it is easy to get lost in the black hole of “interesting” data and losing focus with nothing actionable.

To improve the KPIs and conversions of product, identifying and tracking the user engagement level and patterns are the key.


  • Understand your persona based on segmentations by Access Platform (E.G. Desktop / Mobile), When the user visit, Search Keywords to your website and complete a goal or not. Then, the analytics data can help to build a more detailed persona and find the patterns. Segment the users into a level of engagement, can really help on Product Design.
  • Compare the data before and after of relevant metrics to measure the effectiveness of a product change. An article about quantitative and qualitative KPIs can help Read More
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This moment happen when I travel with the kids and look up under the tree, it is beautiful and make our trip memorable

Micro-Moments happen anytime and anywhere

In 2015, Google released a set of articles about “Micro-moments” and keep improving their products with concepts in “Micro-moments”. When the users keep checking on Mobile with more than hundred of times daily, UX design should arise and deliver experiences that meet their context and needs in that moment.

To make our product useful and be quick response to user needs, let’s start to think about 4 key moment types as below:

  1. I-Want-to-Know Moments
  2. I-Want-to-Go Moments
  3. I-Want-to-Do Moments
  4. I-Want-to-Buy Moments


Image Source: think with Google
  • Lots of idea and showcases of Micro Moments can be found in “think with Google” website Read More
Image Source: Quartz

Conversational User Interfaces (UI) to get task done

Chatting with Siri, reading the news from Quartz, connect colleagues with Slack, Conversational interfaces changing the way to interact, to find the answer and do what you want, in a text-message-like UI or just talk.

Reference to Slack or Telegram, Chatbot will guide your message to perform specific function. Personality of Chatbot is the new UX Challenge to engage with users, which need to be clear, natural and straightforward.


  • Auto-complete of “Magic Words” for actions and providing minimal options for choose can guide the users in conversation, and control the accuracy of further action
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Image Source: Facebook

Microinteractions in a Single Moment

Microinteractions are the sparking moment of UX design. It can be happen all around by single actions and provide feedback to user. To lead the user’s action, show the progress and follow up action of error message, lot’s of ideas to make your product different.

As an appealing rewards for user’s action, it can make user to familiar with similar action and keep going for it. For instance, Facebook just launched their new reaction icon with animated emoticon, which provide user more options to engage and interact with a post in Facebook.


  • To read some sample, can refer to an article about Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design Read More
  • To know more about the structure of Microinteractions Read More

More Material Design to Come

Google putting many efforts to drive Material Design in digital platform, more featured app on Google Play Home Screen applied Material Design. Many designers make good use of material design language on App and Web also become one of the major driving force to make it popular.


It is also a personal wish list to setting up my goal for this year. I will keep updating it if I have more ideas. What’s your trends to watch for this year? Please feel free to share your thoughts or tweet me at @gigipandora ~! :)

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