12 Hour Avenue, the new EP

12 Hour Avenue, rock duo aka Harry Cairns (guitar) and Tobi Stubbs (Drums/Vocals) from Bucks, joined me recently for an interview to talk about their newly released EP!

12 Hour Avenue — Rundown

Hey guys, how are you both doing?

Yeah we’re doing great thank you, thanks for having us! Yourself?

I’m doing great thanks! So tell me about how the band was formed?

Well we have worked together for nearly two years and talked about music: new albums, old bands, new bands the lot! It was about a year ago that we first started jamming as 12 Hour Avenue, before that we had been playing with a few other musicians. The ideas only started to click when we dropped down to a Duo so we decided to go ahead as a 2 piece! We are both huge fans of other duos like The Black Keys, Royal Blood and The White Stripes so we knew the idea was possible. We had such much fun finding our own take on it! We got the idea for the name from working 12 hour shifts together and wrote our first EP at Tobi’s house, taking his road name ‘Avenue’. At the start it was a fun idea to play around with but songs slowly started coming together.

12 Hour Avenue

You have just released your debut EP ‘The D- Road’. Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind the EP?

The EP is loosely based on the theme of leaving (relationships, homes, friends, careers). The songs were the first batch of tracks we wrote together just as a Duo and we think they’re a good representation of the ideas we’ve been playing with. The song ‘Last Minute’ was the first song we created as 12 Hour Avenue. We called the EP ‘The D-Road EP’ as the ‘D-Road’ is a place where Tobi would go when he was a child to get out of the house and meet with his friends, which we thought fit nicely with the concept of leaving. Years later we would both go to chat about ideas for our live set, to songwriting and tour planning, so it was very relevant to the building of the EP.

What is your favourite track on the EP and why?

We think its ‘Waiting For’ for the both of us! The song was written very last minute after the Producer had a band that cancelled so therefore had a day free to record. We took the offer and had a week to write the song, and only a day to record it and it turned out to be our favourite track. It gave Tobi a chance to sing a lot softer than he did on the other tracks, and also punch in with the drums halfway through, which we hope had a nice powerful effect. Harry also got a chance to get his nerd out with some heavy chords and a slow solo!

I hear you have a second EP in the works, what can your fans expect to hear?

Yeah we are currently writing our second EP! We’re focusing on trying out some new ideas as well as carrying on things we felt worked on the first EP! One of our favourite things to do live, is a 5 minute improvisation at the end of every gig, so we are implementing that kind of thing into our recorded music! (Longer instrumentals, solos ect.) Basically having a lot of fun nerding out with new ideas! Our next EP will still keep the rock heart but will show our softer influences and songwriting progression. The second EP is due out in mid 2018.

If you could bring back any music legend, who would it be and why?

Tobi: Chris Cornell, his voice was absolutely amazing and I was heartbroken when I heard the news. He inspired me to start singing and I still have Audioslave on repeat a lot of the time.

Harry: For me it would be Jeff Buckley. He was the first musician I ever really got into, I remember having Grace and Live At Sin-e on repeat for months! I’d be really interested to hear what he would be doing now, and I would have loved the opportunity to hear his voice and songs live! He is still a musician that I always go back to and probably always will!

Can you tell me an exciting random fact about each of you?

Tobi: When I was teenager, I was lucky enough to be an extra in the last Harry Potter film! It was the best acting job I’ve ever had, walking around in a robe, eating and getting paid. It was great!

Harry: I recently made the mature decision to not buy another Strat, which I think deserves a medal or some kind of award for willpower…right?

Where can people find your music?

The EP is all over the place really! The best places are iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud and Youtube!

All our social media is @12houravenue.

by Alisha Meehan / Gigride Blogger, Lead Singer for Aetheza

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