Dirty Orange at Alleycat, Gig Review

The third band of the night at The Alleycat on Denmark Street, London was Dirty Orange, and they were killing it. I had the pleasure of meeting up with their manager before the show and he was seriously enthusiastic about these guys, and after their performance, I can see why!

Dirty Orange, live at Alleycat

They had a great image, with a real rock look and image, long hair flying everywhere with unbuttoned shirts, playing their instruments like they worshipped them. A fantastic entrance to the show, with some crashy and heavy drums, performance on every fill with loads of energy from all members of the band.

George Wilkins, Lead Vocals & guitar

The vocalist had an Arctic Monkeys vocal tone, with some raw screams for decoration which really added some texture to the rock sound they were producing. Really strong vocals and the rest of the music was cut back to let them shine through in the verses of every song. It’s not very often you can hear every word the singer is saying, but these guys had it perfect.
The crowd were very happy at the mention of their cover song, which in my opinion was a great choice for their style and the performance was strong from both the band and the audience! The lead singer made jokes with the audience and kept talking to them in between songs which really kept the set flowing. Oh! And thanks for the cheeky mention in the middle of your set!
Their third song had a summery vibe, like you wanted to have a BBQ, sat in the sun listening to their music with a couple of drinks. The stereotypical bass face was strong in this song!

Dirty Orange

These guys really gave a professional and memorable performance which I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to go back and watch again. After seeing a number of people that had come down to see them, I hope to see Dirty Orange playing some of the popular bigger venues one day! Check out their album No Life Beyond 20.

Get No Life Beyond 20 here

by Alisha Meehan / Gigride Blogger, Lead Singer for Aetheza