Eszter Mics and the Sisters, Gig Review

Eszter Mics and the Sisters’ is a brand new emerging alternative-pop band consisting of 6 dedicated female musicians, fronted by the Hungarian-born Singer-Songwriter Eszter Mics. The members of the band came together from all around the world creating a beautiful atmospheric accompaniment for Eszter’s captivating, eclectic, playful and meaningful original songs.

Tonight, these guys headlined The Star Inn in Guildford for their EP release and wow. Just wow. What an amazing band! With sexy rhythms and harmonies, these guys really made the night theirs and brought in a huge and captivated audience! This band consists of six extremely talented female musicians, with a strong presence and a folky/pop vibe.

Throughout their entire set, they kept on amazing me with small unique textures which really lightened up and defined the music such as a jazzy piano breakdown in their first song with some really unusual but beautiful chords, a lovely flute solo from Eszter and then throwing out bubbles to the crowd to use during their last song and recent single ‘Lemonade’.

There was also a huge range of instruments being used in this set, including a surprise saxophonist and trumpet player making an appearance in ‘Lemonade’ which really got the crowd going wild. With complex time signatures, groove, sick fills and memorable solos from Ishara, this drummer really drove the rest of the band in time really well, and gave a great performance whilst playing. The bassist and guitarist showed some intense performance between each other and Eszter with some chilled out solo playing and a bass tone that literally shook the room and rumbled the chairs!

I want to mention the amazing vocal ability of the two backing vocalists, who both sang some unexpected but incredible harmonies including the amazing soprano range of Nora, during each song and keeping up some true performances, constantly smiling and dancing perfectly in time, looking like they were really enjoying themselves. I especially want to mention the haunting and mesmerizing a capella section at the beginning of one of their songs where they gradually added a new harmony each time. There was so much emotion in every single song from all members but specifically lead singer and piano player Ezster and such a strong vocal tone with attitude and conviction. You could really tell she meant every word she was saying.

I really enjoyed every song that they performed tonight from their new EP, I suggest you all go and check them out and give them a listen!

by Alisha Meehan / Gigride Blogger, Lead Singer for Aetheza

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