Ten tips to make your child happy

Parents often want one thing for their child: he is happy. But, do you know how to get it done?

According to the most of the psychologists , it is sometimes difficult to find a balance between what makes children happy and what is good for them. But the two are not necessarily contradictory. Here are 10 tips to make your child happy.

Be yourself happy

The first step to making your child happy requires a bit of selfishness. Care must be taken to be good about yourself and look after yourself to be as radiant as possible.

Offer gifts

Everyone knows that children like gifts from core of their heart. It is a great way to make them happy. You can offer gifts to your child on various occasions like birthday, Christmas day,etc. There are many gifts available which you can offer to. For example, if you are looking for a luxury gift idea then you can gift luxury car for kids like bugatti veyron for kids.

Learn to build relationships

Parents know the importance of a good relationship with others, but they are few to take the time to teach their child how. No need for academic courses, but daily and discreet encouragement to the child spontaneously do something for others.

Do not expect perfection

Parents who give goals too high or unattainable to their children have children with depressive tendencies. A good way is to gratify any form of effort because it pushes the child to continue to struggle.

Teach optimism

Those to whom we show the positive side of things rather than the negative are less likely to be depressed teens. Optimism is very close to happiness. Teach optimism, so naturally lead to happiness.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is not something acquired. It is learned. Believe that children will naturally understand their own emotions is not the guarantee of success. When they express feelings such as frustration or anger, it is important to ask why.


Children arriving to dominate is to make life easier. The 1972 marshmallow test already perfectly illustrated this theory. In this test, a four-year-old child received a second marshmallow if he could postpone a quarter hour the sinking of the treat. The study shows that those who could not resist the temptation had the lower esteem of him and more relationship problems.

Play more

Adults in search of happiness are literally bombarded with therapies around mindfulness and meditation. In children as these techniques are effective, but not always easy to apply. Luckily, the game offers the same benefits and is much easier to implement. But the play time is reduced each year. During the past 20 years, the time spent on the spontaneous play has dropped significantly. An alarming decline, because the game without predefined framework is essential for the development of the child. They learn there how to interact with others and resolve conflicts.

Create a happy environment

This means in practice less television. The study shows that there is a close link between happiness and does not watch TV. Sociologists also show that happy people watch less television than unhappy people.

To eat together

Nothing new, but studies show it scientifically: Family meals are important. “Children who regularly eat with their parents do better in school and are doing better in society and in life in general.


The recommendations listed below should become a daily habit. As it is impossible to apply them at once, it is better to move forward step by step. Rules like the one that aims to reduce the time spent on TV may take some time. This is why it is always good to remember the main rule is that perfection does not exist.

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