The Weekly Tech Tl;DR -– 26th August 2016

The Big Story

Tesla unveils a new electric battery that it promises will make its cars the fastest in the world. John Niesen tweets: “Hopefully Tesla one day will make affordable cars for the rest of us.”

Top News

Mobileye and Delphi partner up to get self-driving cars on the road soon. “#Mobileye and #Delphi aim to bring #selfdrivingcars to market as early as 2019,” says André Cramer.

Google will ban mobile popup ads. Michelle Tripp adds her two cents: “The end of interstitials? Let’s hope so. Google to start negatively scoring things that weren’t a good idea anyway.”

Pokemon Go loses 15 million active users in just a few weeks. “Remember #PokemonGO ? It used to be a thing,” tweets David Beard.

Tech Drama

Will your next security guard be a drone? Tim McDonough comments: “The #drone market continues its fast evolution with these security robots from @aptonomy.”

Massachusetts will charge ride-sharing companies to subsidize traditional taxi services. Daniel Dreymann sums it up: “If it Moves, Tax it. If it Keeps Moving, Regulate it. And if it Stops Moving, Subsidize it.”

France and Germany call for a law that would put a stop to end-to-end encryption. Andrea Rovai tweets: “Basically French and German interior minister want 1984 in Europe. This can be the end of privacy and security.”

Funding news

Kobe Bryant teams up with Jeff Stibel to create an $100 million investment fund. “Kobe Bryant getting into venture capital? What can’t the man do?” says Russell Okung.

LendUp raises $47 million for compassionate credit cards. Michael Kim comments: “Most Americans are sub prime credits: @LendUpLoans on a mission to improve credit scores.”

Virtru, a data privacy startup, raises $29 million. “#Virtru raises $29M to keep your data from prying eyes,” tweets Kevin D. Rease.


Apple buys personal health startup Gliimpse. Timo Ronkainen comments: “Apple’s ambitions in the health sector continues to expand as it acquires Gliimpse, a personal health data #startup.”

Microsoft acquires Genee, an AI scheduling bot. “Microsoft is getting an AI email assistant, it appears. Cool!” says Dalan Rohrer.

RockYou acquires influencer marketing company Fanbread. Brett Munster tweets: “Congrats to @KarlHouse & entire @fanbread team on acquisition. Proud of team & grateful to have been part of journey.”


Y Combinator holds demo day for its Summer 2016 startups. “I’m so proud of our @ycombinator batch. These women and men have inspired me,” says Lauren Schulte.

Vadim Lavrusik, former project manager of Facebook Live, just launched video-streaming app Alively. He tweets, “Friends get a more vivid window into your life, but the videos are sharp enough to be worth saving.”

Could Europe’s poorest country become the next Silicon Valley? “Romania is fast turning into a center for home-grown tech startups,” says Alexandra Anghel.

IT Professionals

Venture capitalist Chris Dixon says technology makes 2016 the best time to be alive. Kevin Weil comments: “The optimism inherent in @cdixon’s piece on the future of tech epitomizes the reason I love Silicon Valley.”

Network and security teams need to work together. Here’s how to help them. “As networks grow more complex, it’s time to get your network and security teams in sync,” says Chris Denver.

CIOs are hesitant to make deals with tech startups. “You need to convince your enterprise customer that you are financially strong and secure. So says the WSJ,” tweets Jeremy Aber.

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