Blockchain is gaining mainstream adoption in the financial services industry. From reducing transaction times to lowering costs, this technology is changing the way financial transactions are carried out, and its application is far reaching.

The advantages of blockchain technology are playing a crucial role in creating a borderless financial system, enabling investors to trade in asset classes of their choice across the globe at minimal costs.

London-based FinTech start-up, Gigzi, was founded in 2016 with such a vision. Gigzi’s distributed ledger financial system is empowering users through independent wealth management.

Gigzi users can invest in cryptocurrencies and tokenised precious metals…

The financial services industry is changing rapidly thanks to evolving technology. Just a few years ago, users needed to visit banks in order to initiate a wire transfer. They needed to fill forms, pay a hefty fee, and then wait for a few days for the funds to show up in the receiver’s account.

A similar scenario has unfolded in the wealth management industry. Earlier, users were reliant on financial advisers for their investment decisions. They ended up paying big brokerage fees and didn’t have much control over where there wealth was going. But the advent of the internet has…


Gigzi is a financial system providing stability, security & wealth protection. Empowering users to manage their wealth independently

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