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A university balances community and mortality

On Sept 2nd, the Chicago Tribune quietly published an opinion piece written by Patrick Griffin, faculty member of the University of Notre Dame. It covers the relatively brave move of continuing in-person instruction on the Notre Dame campus.

I have been watching the TwitterSphere to see what the reaction would be. Surprisingly, very quiet.

Normally these types of outlier moves in Academia take considerable heat from the establishment positions. There have been the usual blame articles and some updates of the case numbers. …

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Sometimes your annoyance is justified.

Everyone from employee to business leader knows that you have to endure the good and bad of corporate life. One of the things that I struggle with are the every day comments people make at work. I try to be patient and understanding, but, I will admit, it is hard for me sometimes.

If you have spent any time inside a company then you can appreciate the little comments that echo through hallways and meeting and emails. There are lots of them. Most of the time we let them go because we hear them all the time. …

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What Covid has taught me that Homeschool parents already know.

Universities are expensive, oddly illiberal, and seemingly closed off from reality. I should probably write a Medium post on those three things. But suffice to say that “academia” has been a major disappointment to our family so far.

My wife and I have four daughters — two in college and two in high school. I wonder all the time if college is “worth it.” I have my doubts.

But I wonder, too, whether we could have done better in the years before college. And, lately, this has me thinking quite a bit about homeschooling.

To be clear, we did not…

You interviewed. Now what?

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You got an interview, followed the best advice, did your best (you think, anyway), and now you’re wondering what to do. At this point, it’s all out of your hands.

In fact, that isn’t entirely true.

What you do after the interview is almost as important as everything leading up to that point. Too often people are passive and unintentional in the hours, days, and even weeks after their interview. Here are four practical things you can do to give yourself a better chance of getting hired.

Follow Up

This one is easy. You don’t need a Medium article for you to…

Your strengths are only half the story.

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If you have been in the corporate environment for more than 8 minutes than you are well aware of personality tests that are designed to help you and your teams. Myers Briggs, DiSC, Hogan, StrengthsFinders, Enneagram, etc. Industrial and Organizational Psychology programs have descended across corporations with the goal of improving team health and, ultimately, net profit.

Overall, I am a fan. Personality assessments can help individuals and teams improve communication and productivity — but only if these endeavors reveal our weaknesses.

Do you really know your weaknesses? Are you willing to discuss them? Have you learned to USE them…

Nail your next interview

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I have interviewed thousands of people over my career. I have also set up thousands of interviews. When you work in consulting, interviews happen on a regular basis. Interviews are like breathing in consulting — they happen all the time without much thought. We interview lots of candidates and then we send many of them out to interview with our clients.

You can find lots of tips out there about how to prep for an interview, and I don’t want to take away from any of that — most of it is good. My advice today is about the actual…

Online school (distance learning, homeschooling, unschooling, etc.) is a necessary reality given our “new (pandemic) normal.” Even those who never considered having their kids learn from home are now forced to embrace it.

But as parents, and learners ourselves, we must remember the importance and value of those face-to-face moments. And while learning itself doesn’t need to happen “in-person” necessarily, we need to practice and validate what we learn…in person. The people around us are not only our testing ground but they are also our measuring stick for what we have learned.

People certainly learn with other people and around

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