Device to prevent theft and pilferage of dairy products — could be useful for other bulk product transfer business too!! Ingen Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of WRMS, launches SecuLock, a state-of-the-art indigenously manufactured smart e-lock developed for live monitoring and prevention of theft & pilferage, especially in milk tankers. It contains an electronic door-locking device, central server, mobile application, and control devices. The pre-installed tracking device gathers and sends location data to a central server. In addition, the memory contains information about the location of the device as well as information for locking and unlocking it.

SecuLock and all of its components are inaccessible to the naked eye and so cannot be tampered with. Light sensors are also mounted on the gadget to detect if the lock was triggered during vehicle dispatch. Only a designated officer can access the lock because it can only be operated through an OTP enabled login.

SecuLock is a game-changing innovation that may be used by various businesses such as freight, courier, and companies who transfer bulk products from one location to another with a significant risk of theft and adulteration on the road. Great. Join with me to congratulate Dr.Ashish Agarwal and team and wish them all success.

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Gijo Vijayan
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Patna, Bihar, India
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Gijo Vijayan

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