ahmad abdolsaheb

Hi Ahmad,

We have the following procedure:

  1. Write a letter of 300 words in which you explain in English why you want to learn to code, and how you want to use your future coding skils. This tells a lot about English level and the right kind of motivation.
  2. We have them do freecodecamp and have them built their first-webpage. This filters out the people who like the idea of coding, but don’t actually like coding.
  3. Finally we have a phone-call to get to know the person a bit better, to see if the person can communicate well, and figure out some practical details.

If you’re serious about setting up a program in Turkey feel free to contact me on with other questions. We’re currently going to do a pilot in Iraq with HackYourFuture, and we think Turkey is a super interesting region as well. We’d love to help if we can.

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