284 ways to change from a night owl to a daybreaker…

So I am a night owl, always have been, ever since my best friend in the morning was the warm radiator to lean against with eyes closed, after having been dragged out of bed for school.

College was no help, of course, neither doing late night shifts at McD’s while in university and then finding my first love of being an entrepreneur in the dancing school owned by later to be my dear wife (as the French say: ma chère et tendre).

Working in the dancing school, lessons, training, parties and activities, posed no problem — somehow I always managed (note the ‘d’!) to sleep my 8 hours, whatever time I went to bed and felt rested.

We sold the school, and the fitness club that we created, and moved to France, Normandie, near historic Rouen ten years ago.

I launched myself as an estate agent (don’t force the entrepreneur back into employee’s lap) and on and off with the crisis we managed and built a new and warm life -

But here is the thing : estate agents work daytime hours (maybe part of the evening) ! I am now a chartered court translator and hey what : they also work daytime hours (of course the odd nighttime translation for the gendarmerie is ignored)!

Somewhere between the intellectual realization that things must change (after ten years of living in France) and the base instinct full front rebuff of the merest idea itself by my DNA, there is some work laid out for a NATO task force.

The night provides security, shelter from the bad things that happen in daylight, it’s so nice and quiet, can get so much work done, phones don’t ring… I’ll have the 284 excuses and reasons listed in no time.

But what DNA doesn’t seem to grasp, is that the talent of doing the 8 hours of sleep whatever the timing, has left to retire to a sunny isle. Sleep asks for improvisation and effort now. The smallest sounds allows for broken dreams and “snapshot” baby sleeps ( with the weirdest dreams) — so no rest for the wicked afterwards.

Then comes the work (which I love) — but early appointments mean hell to pay. Falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon (or in a meeting- even though I beg to differ if that comes from sleep deprivation or the French way of holding meetings..), and then onward and upwards into the night again.

Call it a vicious cycle, I am on the brink of having to persuade my nighttime DNA that it has to leave the old to embrace the new. I am now heartily searching for arguments and straight jackets, so that I can, step by step, embrace the sun again…

So 284 ways to change from Night owl to a Daybreaker ? I haven’t found them (yet) — but open to enlist some auxiliary forces to have my back when I go into war… shortly …

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