How to Heal a Broken Heart

It pains when someone you love leaves you. Whether you saw it coming or it was a surprise, it will hurt. Many people try to ignore the pain but that only works for some time. Here are some tips to heal and move on completely.

I. Accept That It Is Over

First, come to terms that the relationship is no more. Forget about the happy moments you shared as a couple. The best way to do this, is to remember the bad memories. Forget about the dreams you shared together. Come to terms on what is really happening. The sooner you accept the quicker you start to heal.

II. Know Why It Happened

Make a list of things that made the relationship end. It is better if you can write these things down on paper. Avoid blaming yourself. Be kind to yourself, it was not all your fault. When making that list keep in my mind your ex-left because the relationship was no longer satisfying them. Remember the relationship was not perfect. Note down the things that you did not like about it. Write everything you did that was compromising.

III. Get in Touch with Your Feelings

If you are experiencing various confusing feelings, just realize it’s totally normal. Get in touch with them. Ignoring and suppressing these emotions can only make it worse later. Whatever you are feeling, work through it. Hit the gym. Take a walk. Take a day off from work and engage in physical activity. Do not spend a long time crying over the past. Your feelings will not bring them back. Keep this on your mind always.

IV. Revisit Your Past

Give yourself time until you can revisit the past logically. When you can see things without being emotional. It is easier to see the relationship as it really was. It is similar to watching the relationship as a documentary or a movie. See what you learned. Any relationship, whether good or bad will change you in a way. Think about all those things you realized about yourself. The aim here is to take the lessons and make you better, not bitter.

V. Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself. Fall in love with all parts of you. All those little details about you that your ex never appreciated. Do the things that make you happy d. Forget what your ex-said. It was a reflection of who they are not who you are. Appreciate yourself. Take yourself out. Work on your dreams. Start creating new memories.

Remember they were just one person. Even though they seemed to be ‘the one’, there is still a chance you will meet someone better than them.

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