“Failure” of a businessman?
Richard Kenneth Eng

Failure, and self promoting liar.

*If* he was a good businessman, he wouldn’t be scared to release his returns, (as Warren Buffet did) He won’t release them because:

  1. He pays no taxes. (awkward)
  2. He is lying about his net worth.
  3. His businesses are not profitable.
  4. He is lying about his charitable contributions.
    4a, He is declaring settlements with people that he doesn’t want public as expenses (What could these settlements be? Sexual harassment for $500 Alex?)

You confuse being a brilliant self promoter with being a brilliant businessman. I have started a small business, work at a small business currently, and have worked in small business for most of my professional career (spanning 30 some years) So your “You know squat about business line” is garbage. Much like Trump’s business acumen is.

Do some actual research on Donald J. Trump. Stop repeating platitudes and lies about someone you profess is qualified to be the president. He is less qualified than Bush Jr. was and that is saying something.

Also, If you think this travesty of a Supreme court has been fairly balanced, you lean way to far to the right for me to even have a reasonable conversation I fear.

The court has been far right for the last 20 years, and everyone but rich white people have suffered because of it. There is an opportunity to reverse that somewhat, and restore a court concerned with people’s rights rather than corporate interests, if the right choices are made. You regard that as conservatives achieving very little, the rest of us regard that as prying our great country back from regressionist, corporate, theocratic interests.