I also agree that the two stories you cited were examples of “fake news” because they were unproven or unverifiable (and wild) claims that were presented as conclusive.
I recall the line of questioning and concur with your assessment that Trump was forced to concede…
Steve McGrath

One of those was trumpeted for a long time, and was arguably responsible for his rise as a politician by our sitting President.

So please don’t attempt to take that abstract tone.

Steve Bannon has been running this kind of interference in pursuit of his political goals and profit for his entire public career.

“Fake News” is a creation of the right, The fact that some exists on the other side does not change this dynamic.

And left leaning advocates, journalists, and news organizations do not employ this tool the way the right has.

Your administration lies regularly, and throws this term around against sources that criticize it regularly in pursuit of convincing it’s base that the only source that is trustworthy is itself.

It is a disgraceful method to try to mislead and accomplish the goals of creating a distrusting population.

Started that piece in the Federalist. One example: “January 20: The Great MLK Jr. Bust Controversy

On January 20, Time reporter Zeke Miller wrote that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the White House. This caused a flurry of controversy on social media until Miller issued a correction. As Time put it, Miller had apparently not even asked anyone in the White House if the bust had been removed. He simply assumed it had been because “he had looked for it and had not seen it.”

THAT IS NOT FAKE NEWS, That was an incorrect supposition.

This is my point, Your side publishes demonstrably fake items made up with the intent to deceive (see my two points in the original post), or any of the dozens of factually false claims by the administration (Bowling Green, Electoral Votes, Voter Fraud pop to mind immediately) and you and your side attempt to conflate these as equal. They are not equal.

The actions of press have always been based on best effort, when mistakes are made they are for the most part addressed (this varies obviously on an example by example basis) but the INTENT is to cover the news not obscure it or spread lies.

The intent of Obama was not an American was to deceive the populace. The intent of the MLK bust story was to publish an observation.

The basic difference between those is massive and it is intent.

You are being intellectually dishonest if you do not agree with that.