I am third generation American on my fathers side, I support Trump, I support legal immigration, I…

So let me understand this.

Your employer was breaking the law, and paying cash wages to Mexican folks, and you are angry at the GOVERNMENT about it?

I am not going to bother rebutting your take on Islam, because all of the Abrahamic faiths have absolutely foul middle age tenets in their respective books, If you think the Koran is alone in this, you are just ignorant.

The people that are “Destroying” this country are people like Trump who prefer to work with illegal immigrants because they are cheaper. Who make their campaign hats in China, than give speeches about how bad China is.

The people who demonize people of other religions to stoke the fires of violence and fear. The people who work relentlessly to deny agency to people of color and poverty by denying them their civil rights, and their rights to equal representation. The people that wish to deny people like you YOUR equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (you know the right not to be persecuted for the gender of who you desire, the right to marry who you love)

But you are a third generation American supporting just that candidate, and the giant machine behind him that believes people like you are less than human.

Good job.