I understand how your story represents your view of the situation.
Rick Fischer

There is “No crowd of people” hurling rocks from the side.

The government, big corporations and unions, are people just like you.

There is no other to fight against. There is only us.

The redlining, white flight, and policy decisions were and are made by people. not “government, corporations and unions” Those things are all groupings of people.

The idea you don’t benefit, or bear some responsibility for the society you live is ridiculous. All the problems you mention are the direct results of actions and policy, there is no randomness.

To take redlining as an example. That was a decision made, and the effects of that are that white families had access to credit, and were able to purchase their homes using that credit, and take benefit from the tax breaks, and appreciation to become wealthy, and pass that wealth to their children. To say you were not the beneficiary of that policy, and paint a picture where you at the top, and this writer at the bottom are in the same boat and you received no benefit is mendacious, and to try to blame it on some external other may be worse.

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