If one’s bias is for massive entitlements, open borders and uncontrolled immigration and the consequent huge and continuous addition to our national debt, and if one’s bias stems from being a victim of what one views as the juggernaut of capitalism
Just switch the name from Trump to Obama and you’ve nailed it.
Steve Negri

What a stunningly obtuse oversimplification.

Immigration under Obama was lower than under GWB, more people were deported than ever before. And illegal immigration from Mexico (your type’s favorite target) in fact decreased to a negative number under Obama.

“Healthy Manufacturing” as I suspect you envision (aka our former heavy and automobile manufacturing is gone) The machines do it now, or alternatively people making a fraction of an american “living wage” are doing it.

It isn’t coming back, no matter what lies you believe, and no matter what regulations are slashed.

You want a land where you can have a HS education and a middle class life. Those times are done. Thank right wing policies towards labor and automation, thank the destruction of our educational system.

Trump won’t save you, He is there for him and his rich friends as he has been his entire life.

The people that support this will find out the hard way, what we who didn’t support him and his kleptocratic ways already knew.