Jordan’s a great writer and I’ve always found his pieces insightful and informative.
Christo Nar

You make some valid points, but the candidate you explicitly support is a serial philanderer, has repeatedly negotiated in bad faith with every party he has done business with, appears to be a text book narcissist, and is completely unable to even comprehend the office of the President of the United States.

In what world do you think this would lead to a better result than what Clinton et al are offering?

Yes, she is a career politician, and there most certainly negatives to her (far less than what the right has been proclaiming for the past 30 years, for all the millions if not billions of dollars of our money the right has spent trying to find a crime, they have found none, Bill Clinton got a blowjob, the rest, is as you say “allegations”) But she is an establishment politician, I don’t dispute that.

Trump has repeatedly recklessly lied, destroyed anyone one he perceived as being in his way, and exhibited all of the control and restraint of a pissed off spoiled 10 year old. How can you possibly think this is a better candidate?

Sure he bangs a populist drum, and talks about trade deficits, and making America great, but he hires illegal labor to work in his hotels, he buys all the “make America great again” hats from China (really? wtf seriously?) He has settled with the government when accused of being a racist landlord. And lastly he has a long history of not paying people who have performed work for him, as well as serial abandoning of his debts and obligations thru bankruptcy.

What part of that list says “President” to you?

Sure he might be fun to go get drunk with. But that isn’t the job on offer.

I won’t even go into the repeated cheating on his wives, divorce, and rampant scumbaggery and sexism on display when he opens his mouth about women.

How can you support this candidate?

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