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You mistake “Fascist Society” for speech has consequences.

Because you wish to say something hateful doesn’t make society fascist for not finding that acceptable.

That is the primary trope I hear “FREE SPEECH” There is no speech without consequences. You may say what you like in our society, but you may NOT do it without suffering the consequences.

Your entire premise is nonsense.

If you utter something racist, you will be treated as a racist would be.
If you utter something sexist, you will be treated as a sexist would be.

That is not fascism, it is the consequence of free speech.

You don’t get to yell fire in a theatre because it amuses you, and you don’t get to pick on someone because you feel like it. There are consequences.

If you punch someone in the face, you will likely get in a fight, that is not fascism, it is actions causing consequences. There is no difference between that punch and something that comes out of your mouth, you are responsible for both.

Read this a few times until you understand it, and forget about the notion of Societal Fascism that is utter nonsense.