A chance to share thoughts on how to scale sustainable tourism, memories of surfing in India, and whytourism done well can change the world (Raleigh&Drake!)…thanks for the opportunity Catalyst #travelandpurpose


Travel Disruption Summit Guest Blog

Editorial Note: Raleigh&Drake has been selected as the moderator guiding the “Travel Roundtable” at the Travel Disruption Summit, a one-day symposium bringing together thought leaders in the travel industry to New York City on May 23rd. During the event, participants will discuss the opportunities for innovation at each phase of a traveler’s experience, including the actual travel to a destination.

As digital disruption continues to generate seismic shifts in the world’s largest industry, one foundational maxim remains unscathed: customer demands dictate the direction in which the industry will move. It may be trite at this point to mention that travelers are increasingly moving towards digital and mobile booking. The interesting corollary here is that as consumers become more comfortable with making large online purchases and get used to the ubiquity of ‘on-demand’, the notion of being able to book anything & anywhere moves from novelty to expectation. …

The unfortunate byproduct of a well-worn passport is the risk of exposure to some of the more flagrant tragedies of our time. It may take shape as an overheard statistic — 30% of food grown around the world is squandered while 795 million go malnourished every day. Or it can be as visceral as the sight of a child rummaging through a trash bin only meters away from your outdoor café table. Our inherent ability to psychologically dissociate from the tragedies that surround us can be astounding.

But don’t give up on me yet. …

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