The WSJ reported that the AV Start bill, intended to clear the regulatory path for self-driving vehicles, is being held up by at least three Senators who cite safety concerns.

In its present form, the bill would prevent states from creating their own safety regulations, allowing developers to deploy test vehicles in any city or interstate route with minimal federal oversight.

The Observer reported that

Vague wording hasn’t stopped the AV Start Act from passing in the House and getting approved by the Senate Commerce Committee. The Trump administration also supports the legislation.

Supporters of AV Start see the value…

Burger King thinks they’re clever. They just launched a TV commercial that triggers Google Home to tell you what a Whopper is. BK gets points for creativity, but they are wading into a new debate that is bigger than increasing sales of questionable burgers. The slow emergence of voice-enabled home devices brings with it new concerns over how we are advertised to.

Let’s set the clock back 4 weeks: On March 16th, a gentleman named Bryson Meunier uploaded a video to Twitter of him asking Google Home what his day looked like. …

Gilad Rosner

Privacy and technology policy researcher, and founder of the nonprofit Internet of Things Privacy Forum.

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