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Heavenly landscape

Gila Nehemia
Feb 12 · 1 min read

The air was crisp
The sky cleared after a strong cold winter rain
The sun shone again and the earth was wet and muddy
Together my dog and I surveyed the land, climbed up the hills
The dense green grass and the mahogany earth wet her paws and the tops of my boots
As we reached a plateau the view was mesmerizing
Did I reach heaven?
We saw only the clouds below us
A fog covered the earth and it was magical
It is the rising of a new dimension
A tender, enchanted perspective on life birthed from our hearts
Pink and blue hues melted the skyline
Perfectly coalesced into subdued shades evoking calm and peace
Tufts of earth emerged amidst the billowy clouds
Gasped in awe at the present moment of sheer beauty
Witnessed the pure connection to Source energy
Intense exquisiteness emerged when it is received within
A new beginning has sprung

Gila Nehemia is the Founder of Wild Writers Heal. She guides people to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her coaching focuses on trusting the internal GPS, our intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps people to increase awareness of their own divine bodies and heal traumatic wounds through writing.

Gila Nehemia

Written by

Sacred Erotic Love Mentor, poet, and author who is passionate about helping people live a blissful, divine, erotic life.

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