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Gila Nehemia
Jan 30 · 1 min read

The clouds beckoning in the evening sky
Signaling me to access the magic of the ethereal worlds again
This time grounding into the 5D reality
Witnessing the majestic pink and orange hues reminding me of a home in another realm
The pillowy softness of a world that is familiar yet not within reach Hearkening to the images
Deciphering the path
Time to lift myself out of the mind chatter and into my heart
Opening and trusting in the infinite colors and possibilities that are at my feet
Peacefully moving like the water particles in the sky
Changing shapes, clearing energetic timelines and disappearing
Flowing with the energy around me
Allowing the angels to guard and protect me in the twilight and the darkness
Showing me the path to flying high shining my heart light

Gila Nehemia is the Founder of Wild Writers Heal. She guides people to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her coaching focuses on trusting the internal GPS, our intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps people to increase awareness of their own divine bodies and heal traumatic wounds through writing.

Gila Nehemia

Written by

Sacred Erotic Love Mentor, poet, and author who is passionate about helping people live a blissful, divine, erotic life.

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