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Phases of the Moon

Gila Nehemia
Nov 26, 2019 · 1 min read

Mysticism spoke her name
Clouds wrote messages for her in the sky
Angels called out to her in the wind
Beckoned her forward into the darkness
Stars twinkled smiling at her from the cosmos
The high tides rose and she submerged herself into the depths of the ocean
She followed her intuition courageously
The path was unclear and rocky
She fell many times though she persevered
Heard the call of the birds and the animals that protected and surrounded her
Ravens, crows, and eagles led the way into the caves and crevices of her soul
She moved sensuously with the swaying branches
Discerned that it was time to write another chapter
Elevated with her frequency and desire to a new paradigm in her life
Courageously she uncloaked her skin and emerged as the radiant Goddess of her pure heart
Capitulated and devoted to the divine love that summoned her into existence

Gila Nehemia is the Founder of Wild Writers Heal. She guides people to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her coaching focuses on trusting the internal GPS, our intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps people to increase awareness of their own divine bodies and heal traumatic wounds through writing. Schedule a 30 minute sacred call.

Gila Nehemia

Written by

Sacred Erotic Love Mentor, poet, and author who is passionate about helping people live a blissful, divine, erotic life.

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