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I read Rumi quotes daily. I wrap my heart, soul, and body in his spiritual words. His words are taking me to places in my self to heal old wounds and live a truly ascended life in the best way possible at this time.

His words help me to stand in my own power as a sovereign Sacred Feminine Goddess. I feel like I emanate a light so bright, a vibration so strong. All I see is love. It is the strangest phenomenon, issues that normally would have me spinning only get me more centered. It is the inner peace I have been looking for my entire life. Realizing I need no one and I need everyone. As all these dichotomies and oxymorons find their way into my head, I see that these contradictions do have meaning.

Personally I do not adhere to societal rules. I live my life in the moment, planning a structure of my day and flowing with the wind. The fleeting moments are all we really have, plans exist but it is in the spontaneity of the moment where true heart filled pleasure resides. This is the Sacred Feminine in its best. The Masculine side wants to know when, while the Feminine continues to flow. I work on these energies daily to balance them, live in harmony with them. Realized on a call yesterday that it is the Feminine collective that will raise the consciousness of the world, spread love, discuss emotions, feel with their heart and open the hearts of many to live their true purpose.

I am a catalyst and as I accept and love myself as a sovereign being I see my authentic self emerging. A love so deep of myself that only another being that loves their true self unconditionally can enter my deep inner world. All others need not apply, for they will not be able to comprehend my deep nature. As the layers peel off my being I see the onion bare and naked. A raw feeling of openness, acceptance of all humans in their trials and tribulations. I realize that as I try to put people in places in my mind, this is the very thing I do not want for myself. My free flowing attitude of life needs to first apply to my own life. I permit people to move in and out of my life if I choose them to and understand the depth and breath they bring to my life. If their presence helps me to grow then that weaving is allowed. All my choices are mine, nothing is forced on me nor do I force anyone to wear my armor. As I dearmour my heart and soul to experience life fully, my path twists and turns. I trust more in my feelings, my intuition, my angels, the Divine force that gracefully leads me to my true greatness.

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