EncryptoTel NEWS project and ICO starts 24 April 2017

The project name is EncryptoTel (http://ico.encryptotel.com/). As you probably noticed, I’m interested in projects that are ready to share their profits with the token holders. Despite the ‘ICO boom’ with the huge number of different ICO’s there are no many big ones with the profit-share-type (PST) tokens.

The information on the project itself is a bit limited since the detailed whitepaper hasn’t been published yet (ICO starts 24 April 2017). However, we can analyze the team ICO approach and their marketing strategy. I won’t research the project details in this post but the very essence of it should be outlined here.

In a nutshell, EncryptoTel is going to create a stable crypto currency that will be backed up by the human labor hours. This is a revolutionary solution for the crypto market.

I will analyze the ICO details that make me believe the project can be really promising.

The Project Idea

The idea is innovative for the crypto world. The product is highly demanded by the market. The successful implementation of ETH tokens will create a revolution in both crypto and a traditional economy.


The team is big and professional. They have good experts from all the spheres that are crucially important for the project, including management, PR and related fields, IT, marketing and science. The core of the team is formed and is complete to start and support the successful project.

Communication with the Public

Almost all possible means of communication are active. As I can judge from the Bitcointalk thread the team is highly responsive, open and transparent.

Bounty Programs

The bounty programs are well-thought and attractive. The rewards seem fair enough and are not overpriced. It’s evident the team worked well on the bounty programs and doesn’t wish to give the reward tokens for low-quality jobs. It’s worth mentioning there are no bounties at all for the social media activities. As for me, it’s a good decision.


  • Signature campaign (50% distribution)
  • Article or blog post campaign (15% distribution)
  • Twitter campaign (12% distribution)
  • Video campaign (12% distribution)
  • Translation campaign (10% distribution)
  • Newsletter campaign (1% ; limited to 500 participants)

The translation bounties are given to those who have better translation skills, not to the one who ‘reserve’ the translation first. Another example of a professional approach.

Final Conclusions

First of all I would like to stress I’ve analyzed the ICO process mostly, not the project itself and its business model. My analysis is about how the project team manages its ICO.

On the whole, the team actions during the ICO preparation are professional and competent. The project team researched the previous ICO’s and makes efforts to avoid typical mistakes. All the important components of the competitive and high quality ICO are present. A great amount work has been done, the team demonstrates its responsibility and passion.

A good marketing, management and support before and during the ICO are important and necessary for the ICO to succeed. For me as a long-term investor the project success is important too. A detailed and thorough examination of the project potential market, its business model and risks involved should be made to estimate the project attractiveness. I hope to perform my own research after the ‘main’ whitepaper is published.

ICO website; http://ico.encryptotel.com

thread bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1848180.0