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IMMLA [IML] is a unified operating system for management, design and analysis of your business on blockchain technology based and One application for allbusiness-processes

This decentralized governance model places individuals, industry, non-commercial interests and government on an equal level. Unlike more traditional, top-down governance models, where governments make policy decisions, the multistakeholder approach used by IMMLA [IML] allows for community-based consensus-driven policy-making. The main idea is to ensure compliance with all conditions: without borders and open to all.

The main idea of IMMLA [IML] is that labour time is the most important commodity people have. IMMLA [IML] money and labour notes have been in existence for well over a century, but the concept has been limited in its application by problems around fungibility of labour-based assets. Normally it works in small communities where neighbours help each other out, or it’s mostly limited to charities and volunteering


IMMLA [IML] provides convenient instrument to manage and deliver cargo using different transports from ferry to cars. Platform is based on a microservice architecture. Some services can be provided by 3rd parties. There are following modules that exist in the system:
 • Web Services & Frontend 
• Delivery Analysis Service (DAS) 
• Document Management Service (DMS) 
• Delivery Tracking Service (DTS)
 • Blockchain 
There are such entities that exist in the system as Carrier, Cargo owner, Customs, Insurance and other. Service provides user identity mechanism where third parties are involved. IMMLA is a trusted platform which verifies incoming user’s information, signs and transmits to the Oracle. Oracle is a legal entity that checks and signs the private data. When checks are done IMMLA [IML] publishes data hash and signatures to the public Blockchain .

IMMLA [IML] application based on the Ethereum blockchain

The IMMLA [IML] public crowdfunding round will be based on an Ethereum ERC20 token, which will be redeemable for our native [IML] tokens after the IMMLA beta platform launches.
 IMMLA mission is a safe and convenient interaction between the cargo owner and the carrier at all stages of the cargo transportation process. The new technology will dramatically reduce the number of the personnel involved in logistics planning, information barriers and legal costs. IMMLA consortium is created by leading logistics services and IT companies such as SBSolutions, Formag Forwarding and experts from Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.


This Platform Application class offers smart contracts for carbon traders to assure digital transactions across organizations; credibility of asset using immutable distributed ledger technology; and transparency and auditability. It supports reporting and surrendering of carbon credits or certificates to regulatory authorities.

Requests, that have found the contractor, become orders. The main functional interface contains a list of current user orders with the specification of each order and a route map of cargo traffic with the ability to track it online.
Trusted parties only allowed to entry into Trade Zone. Service customers & suppliers requested their credentials and IMMLA token pocket. IMMLA Trade Zone Secure & Safety based on cascaded trust verification for each node of blockchain. IMMLA is the root node. Only confirmed by IMMLA nodes can issue service offers, other nodes check independently service supplier credentials before add a transaction to the blockchain.

This class of Platform Application gives retailers the ability to empower consumers (or in an unregulated environment, the consumers themselves) to simply trade electricity with one another and receive payment in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system. There are many other immediate benefits such as being able to select a clean energy source, trade with neighbors, receive more money for excess IMMLA [IML], benefit from transparency of all your trades on a blockchain and very low-cost settlement costs all leading to lower power bills and improved returns for investments in distributed renewables.

IMMLA services to Carriers’ websites

What problem does it solve?

Most of the Contractors require to fill out their request form for the request of price proposals. They are all different and not always simple, the customer can refuse this requirement and the likely business transaction may not take place. If the Customer’s request corresponds to the existing tariffs of the Contractor, it is still necessary to issue an official price request, which consumes a lot of time and does not allow to quickly find out the price level for the calculation of logistics costs.

Description of IMMLA service

Any authorized user of our site can install on his website: 
• Tracking
 • Service for calculating the loading of a vehicle or transport unit 
• Request for a rate

On the website of this client appears a block to fill information with a request for rates. In this window the standard form of the commercial offer of this forwarder/ freighter is displayed. After the site visitor has filled in the data, the request is sent to IMMLA The request goes only to one company from whose website it was formed In the personal account of IMMLA this forwarder/freighter will receive a notice in his user’ account that is repeated by e-mail too The request appears in the «Request» tab All requests from the website are labeled (the icon indicates that the request was made via the website) The contacts of the requester are automatically saved in the contact list in the profile of this forwarder/freighter If IMMLA database contains parameters for these request and this forwarder/ freighter already has rates for it, then IMMLA automatically sends a response to the request in the established form If there are no rates in the tariff database, then the forwarder/freighter adds them to IMMLA and responds from it to the customer’s address with their printed form of the commercial offer.

Significance of service for business

This allows:
 • not to skip requests
 • to obtain a professional request form on the website that takes into account all the ins and outs of the logistics business
• to keep all requests in one place
 • to output analytics on requests (both form the website and via IMMLA) 
• to be always available for clients 
• to respond as quickly as possible with the help of already downloaded rates • store the entire request-response history in one place.

IMMLA Solution

IMMLA offers a decentralized service that uses smart contracts based on blockchain technologies and solves the problems of international logistics in a much more scaled way. Using a convenient interface, a cargo owner can find the best solution from the thousands of options for multimodal transportation, and for the best price, time, and quality. The blockchain technology allows them to make guaranteed payments for a contract. They can use electronic docs, and the process is safe and transparent. Geotracking allows them to track their cargo in real time using a smartphone.
There is a distinct lack of good and free community building tools in the wild. We will allow communities to gain fully decentralized governance of their community rules and payout structure as they grow in size and activity.

We want to battle the attention economy that is being created by social media sites such as, Facebook:, and twitter: . On these platforms, advertizers are paying the sites for your attention. They are literally paying for your time and attention. But you, the user, are getting nothing in return except more advertizing.

 IMMLA ANN thread:

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