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With the MEG cryptotokens, gamers will be able to buy many collectible items, including custom skins, characters, booster packs, cards etc. All purchases made on the platform gets recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling players to share, trade, sell or be a collector and safely store the items. The use of Ethereum blockchain also allows gamers and asset owners to verify their holdings at any time.

Assets owned by the players on MetaGold network are free from third-party intervention. It prevents others from seizing, deleting or modifying the assets or the markets on which they are exchanged.

The MetaGold team continues to develop both the current as well as new game titles. All the games developed by MetaGold will support and use MEG tokens as its native in-game currency. The MetaGold team will be creating a total of 8,000,000 MEG tokens, out of which 6,000,000 MEGs will be made available to the crowdsale participants. Rest of the 2,000,000 MEG tokens will follow the following distribution pattern:

a. 900,000 MEGs reserved for the founders of MetaGold
b. 800,000 MEGs for the platform’s advisors, partners, and other third-parties
c. 300,000 MEGs for campaigns and bounties.

The founders’ share of MetaGold tokens will be subject to a 6-month lock-in period, starting from the last day of the crowdsale.

MetaGold has already made its development roadmap for the year 2017 available on the website. It will soon announce the exact dates for the upcoming MEG crowdsale as well.

About War of the Magi

A creation of MetaGold Studios, War of the Magi is a turn-based multiplayer card game where players learn to master the magical skills and knowledge to graduate from being a young aspiring magician to a formidable magician. The game follows an exciting story campaign with 50 missions, complete with enchanting graphics and stunning visual effects. War of the Magi uses MEG cryptocurrency as its in-game currency.

War of the Magi 
— turn-based multiplayer card game MetaGold. Are you ready to test yourself in the ancient art of magic and spells MetaGold? As an aspiring young magician, you will learn and master the elements of Fire and Ice. You will understand the secret behind the hidden knowledge of magic. Your rise to the secret knowledge will mark the beginning of the great path of vengeance and war. Become a master of war magic. Explore dozens of spells, improve your magical skills and knowledge. Become the greatest and most formidable magician in all of the game world! Exciting story campaign of 50 missions. Multiplayer mode with the League system. Enchanting graphics and stunning visual effects. Discover how far your magic can bring you!

Pushed new version of War of Magi to Google Play, fixes some minor bugs $MEG $ETH #ethereum #indie #indiedev #gamedev #game

  • Currencies Accepted — BTC & ETH.
    Minimum Funding — $250,000 USD.
    Maximum Funding — $6,000,000 USD.
    There will a total of 8,000,000 MEG tokens in existence
  • Price will remain the same during the entire crowdsale — 0.0011 BTC for 1 MEG token. Different bonuses will be applied on different batches of tokens. All bonuses will be applied after the crowdsale. If maximum amount is not reached, remaining tokens will be distributed proportionally to all buyers.

MetaGold Token Sale Bonus Schedule:

  • First 1,000,000 MEG sold will have +20% bonus amount (applied after the crowdsale)
  • Next 1,200,000 MEG sold will have +10% bonus amount (applied after the crowdsale)
  • Next 1,400,000 MEG sold will have +5% bonus amount (applied after the crowdsale)
  • Next 2,010,000 MEG sold will have no bonus amount.
  • Escrow Partners:
  • has engaged Tokenly, inc. to manage our upcoming crowdsale and ensure that if we do not hit our minimum funding goal, our backers will be refunded.

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