I decided to file a Right to Information request to the Punjab Police, this is what happened. This is on-going and the post will continuously be updated as new events occur.


  • April 1, 2019: I decide to file my request and start drafting a series of questions
  • April 18–25, 2019: I send my request
  • April 30, 2019: My request is delivered. Punjab Police now has 14 business days to respond to my request.
  • May 2, 2019: I receive my Acknowledgement Due card
  • May 4, 2019: I received an acknowledgment from the Punjab Police that my “complaint” was being processed

There are plenty of stories about fraudulent USB flash drives floating around. This isn’t one of those, I bought a 128 GB USB 3.0 Type C & A SanDisk Flash Drive, and it works great. If you want to buy the drive, click here. I am not affiliated with the seller, I get no referral commission for this link.

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The device I recieved

You should reproduce these tests for every suspect USB you buy as well. The tool I used is f3 (Fight Flash Fraud), and it tests the device’s real:

  • Write Speed — 43.33 MB/s
  • Read Speed—112.24 MB/s
  • Capacity—114.53 GB

These numbers, while…

After an intense day of inquiring, I submitted my application. This is the procedure to get a Police Character Certificate in Lahore.

EDIT AUG 2019: This procedure is now outdated. The forms have been combined into a single one, but it’s not available online. Please just show up with 1 attested photocopy of your CNIC, 1 attested photocopy of your Passport, and a passport sized photograph against a blue background for all cases. The officer will give you a form, and you’ll pay 350 PKR. You are also made to swear that you will not visit a police station, and…

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Lahore High Court appealed to constitute Federal Information Commission and ensure petitioner application is dealt with according to law.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

Contact: Amin Shah Gilani

Update Oct 17, 2018: The Hon. Justice Shahid Karim has postponed the hearing for December 3, 2018.

Lahore, Pakistan: The Single Bench of the Honorable Lahore High Court is set to hear Writ Petition 231349/2018 requesting the constitution of the Federal Information Commission as decreed by law, and directing it to grant relief to the petitioner — in their follow-up petition to the Federal Information Commission against the Pakistan…

The Ruby case statement is simple enough to master:

case a
when 'A', 'B'
puts 'A or B'
when 'C'
puts 'A or B'
puts 'Not A, B, or C'

When using regex (via documentation):

case "12345"
when /^1/
puts "the string starts with one"
puts "I don't know what the string starts with"

When you want to create more complex statements (via documentation):

a = 2case when a == 1, a == 2 puts "a is one or two" when a == 3 puts "a is three" else puts "I don't know what a…

Whenever I tell my friends that I work remotely for a client I’ve never met, they ask me: is it secure for you to work remotely? My answer is a resounding “Yes… but, it depends on how well you create your remote worker security policy.”

I live in Pakistan where I produce code that is of value to clients on the other side of the planet. My clients have never shaken my hand, or seen where I work. And yet, I’m expected to ensure client secrets and code remain protected. In a world where your team members aren’t familiar with…

I have a secret that saves my clients a ton of money, keeps their website secure, and has built-in backups.

The secret: I make their website static. Then, I store and host it with GitHub, and use Cloudflare to serve it over HTTPS, and make it fast. My clients only ever pay for their domain name, yet they get a lot more than they ever bargained for.

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Why Static Content?

Static sites are wonderfully fast since there’s no server processing time involved. Also, by committing a code base of static assets in a git repository, rolling back changes simply becomes a matter of…

I began working with the back-end with Node, back in the Node v0.10.x days when the React vs. Angular debate was very new and very, very hot. I was getting very tired of copying boilerplate code when someone introduced me to Ruby on Rails 4, and the idea of convention over configuration. A few months later, I was hooked. It was suddenly like being able breathe freely. Writing back-end code becomes quick and trivial.

Ruby on Rails is great for prototyping and building an MVP, in fact, being a freelance software engineer at Toptal, I get to work with clients…

I’ve seen a lot of examples of this online, and it took a while for me to get it right, so I decided to document it.

The two cases I’ve used this for:

  1. Vanity URLs, e.g. trying to open a user’s profile at /u/amingilani
  2. Obfuscated URLs, e.g. trying to make the URL difficult to guess such as/transactions/601585f7–0f4a-41e8-bd04-b2eb24262fb4

Both cases differ only by the fact that the slug is randomly generated in the latter.

Quick definitions:

  • Slug: part of the URL to identify the record
  • Primary key: a unique identifier for database records
  • UUID: Universal unique identifier, a 128 bit generated…

Don’t use Chrome’s built in Password manager, it syncs to your Google Account where passwords are viewable in plaintext. Have you ever saved a password in Chrome, even accidentally? Go to passwords.google.com

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All the passwords you’ve ever saved

Ever given your Google password because you couldn’t access your email? They can wire your savings to themselves.

Just got out of a serious relationship? Your ex probably piggybacks off your Netflix subscription, and stalks your instagram.

Why is this a problem?

  • I’ve seen a real world case where a Google account compromise led to a takeover of social media accounts unrelated to the address.. …

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