After reading 60 books in 2018, I set myself a target of reading 78 books (50% more) during 2019, and I failed quite miserably — closing the year with 52 books read, around one per week.

As usual, I’d love to share my full list along with some notes and recommendations.

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These are the five books that I most enjoyed reading this year, in no particular order.

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker

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Did you know that when you get just 6 hours of sleep for two consecutive nights, you are as impaired to drive than someone who is just above the legal driving limit?

Why we sleep helps us understand the hows and whys of sleep, and makes us appreciate just how crucial it is for our wellbeing in all dimensions of life. …


Gil Belford

Advisor and investor. Obsessed with VC, apps and all things internet-related. Lover of food, wine and dogs.

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