Productivity improvement through positive thinking(and good advice)

I once had the opportunity to work on a medium scale web dev project with a group of people. We were mostly of the geek orientation.

At some point my colleagues and I were pretty stuck trying to implement a particular functionality. We kept brainstorming and at some point, due to clash of opinions, some heated arguments began to emerge. No one could come up with a viable solution and, due to deadlines, everyone began feeling edgy.

At this point, my brother dropped in to pay a visit. On taking in the situation he got everyone’s attention by loudly commending our work and telling us how he is impressed with the amount of progress we have been able to achieve. He then said that we should all take a break and relax and tackle pending issues later with a clearer mind.

Everyone was reluctant at first but we all took a break from our project and in minutes we were once again joking and laughing about other(still geeky) stuff. After coming back from our break, all tension gone with the wind, we were able to solve our problem in quite a simple way.

When tackling various issues of life(geek or otherwise) it is important to value other people’s assessment of a situation and take their advice (even if it means leaving your code for a bottle of coke)

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