The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

I have never seen such an outpouring of bitterness as we are wading through now, in the popular and alternative press. You thought you had the working class convinced to vote against its interests, and when it didn’t, you lash-out against your own sisters. Your rant here is simply an extension of the failed tao (‘way’ — there is no better word for the total immersion the Left put itself through to avoid cognitive dissonance), that lost Hillary Clinton the Presidency. It was so clear what she needed to do, and so painful to watch her reliably resist the transformation. Yet, you all went along with her, to the end. There is something admirable about the loyalty, the urgency people like you brought to this contest. But don’t blame anyone but yourselves. You lost. The country wants new ideas. It wanted a parent archetype to restore faith in American exceptionalism. We would have embraced Hillary as a ‘national grandmother’ with her sharp eye looking out for us. I kept thinking ‘Crooked Hillary’ would have an ‘aha’ moment, that she would realize that we would give her a landslide victory if she only was honest about her past, apologized, and told us she would take care of us — protect us from underemployment, uncontrolled immigration, etc. But she (and the media — that’s you), dug its heels in and wanted to win without serving that deep need people have for a hero or heroine. It’s not that Hillary didn’t say she was sorry. It’s that she never thought to. People demand at least a modicum of humanity from even the most gifted among us. I am confident that, as Trump’s vision unfolds, it will be easier for you to let go of the falsehoods that you are nursing from, now.

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