When You Are Depressed, Make Something.
Lawrence Yeo

Oh wow! that is so strikingly true. Depression hits you at a very least expected time in your life. I didn’t realize the grit of it till I reached 40 after a huge mistake I did that it almost killed me. Every word in your story resounded like gongs in my head. Though the events were different, the way how we reacted and dealt with the situations were pretty much close.

I’d say when we feel broken, it’s a call to get creative.

When I was on that stage of darkness, I didn’t even know I was in the dark because it became too familiar for me that it has become a comfortable place. Until my family doctor prescribed the drugs then I felt a jolt all over my body. I have to do something about it without the help of drugs. Took an a counselor (aka shrink), slowly got active, back to my music and art, reconnected with few close friends, opened up to my family, took steps to regain enthusiasm at work, and now I’m geared to sign up for post-grad courses towards a Masters degree (if I make the cut).

All the best to you!


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