Why I Made A “Must Not” List

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Everyone makes a to-do list and often times they are of things we MUST do.

But what about the things that prevent us from getting what we want. The things that we know we shouldn’t do but we do anyway.

One day, I figured, what if I made a list of things I MUST NOT do. I read somewhere that the fastest way to grow is not by the process of addition (adding more) but rather by elimination (letting go).

The way I view it is that in order to get more sh*t done, why not let go of the things that stand in the way that cause procrastination and self sabotage.

It’s almost like when you hold down an inflated ball underwater and then once you let go, it shoots up above the water.

So here’s my “Must Not” list:

Feel free to use it or even better, add on and customize it for you.

I must not make excuses (this includes blaming others), it actually takes space in my mind that could be better used to focus on solutions.

I must not complain. I am not a victim and there is ALWAYS something I can do to improve my situation.

I must not give in to fear. On the other side of fear is everything I want (in the exception of things like getting chased by a lion), so instead of running away from it, it is a better to use it as an internal guidance system.

I must not worry. Worry is actually just wishing for the thing I’m worrying about to happen. So instead, it is better to find out why I am worrying and then switch my focus to what I want in life and what I already have.

I must not speak badly of others which includes gossiping and judging.

I must not hold grudges. It actually does me more harm than the person I’m holding the grudge against. It’s like holding a hot coal in my hand; only I get burned.

I consider these to be more like rules more so than a list but I still look at it from time to time similar to how you would look at a to do list.

I’m curious to know, what are some of your MUST NOT’s that you would add to this list?

I write about self improvement, entrepreneurship, consciousness, and life experiments from my own life. Founder at maverickupgrade.com

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