Here’s how I’m using Origami Studio & the Network Request Patch to get the League of Legends API’s data.

Hi Everyone!

I’m Gilberto, a product designer based in London, currently working at Facebook Design.

Have you ever heard of Origami Studio or League of Legends?

If you haven’t you’re here for a treat, and if you have, well, chances are you can still get something out of this quick write up.

One of the biggest problems I’ve find with most of the current prototyping tools is that using real data can be daunting and time-consuming.

As a designer, the ability to use your product data present incredible benefits:

  1. Catching problems early on to being able to quickly check…

5 month ago I started a new adventure at M&S Digital, little did I knew, that it would end up leading me to discover the power of a Devfort!

Imagine a place with no distractions–no IM, no Twitter, in fact no internet access at all. Within, you find a group of a dozen or more developers, designers, thinkers and doers. And a lot of a food. Now imagine that place is a fort.

It’s a week away from the office with your team; you get to create a brand new product, all together, by living together under the same roof — your very own fort.

Said product will either be released to production or presented back to the business. Boom.

The product idea doesn’t have to strictly be related…


Product Designer @facebook. NERD. Mostly talks about UI/UX and good design practices.

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