Web and Mobile apps remotely

Remotely consulting to Integritas Solutions — software developing company.

Working Remotely
Integritas is an Agile based software development company, working remotely with developers and designers from all over the world, assigning teams for each project, in a very high paced environment. Throughout one year, I contributed to many projects, mobile and web, acting as a UX generalist consultant, wire-framing and visual designing whole parts and/or features for the projects. I can highlight a huge project that took me about 6 months on it, Procial, that was a web-based file locker system for medical companies and professionals. It was an online service to make it easier for Physicians to hand-off digitally their certificates and documents, ensuring the continuation, or the starting point of their services within a corporation, a medical facility, or a hospital.

Procial — Documents management system for hospitals and doctors.

Procial scope
We were briefed with some wide goals and parameters, such as the presumable users and personas of the system — research done by other team, and what they could view or do with the files. Some users could just view, others could edit or share, etc. We were given the Google Docs system as a benchmark to follow, and as we decided to go with the Angular Material design system to build upon, it ended up being much closer to it in some basic aspects. Over the file system, we also had to create an internal social messaging layer, and a persona or company dashboard, very personalized, depending on the logged-in profile.

Procial mobile sign-up flux

Contributions and Collaboration
Me and another designer shared a lot of times, because some features started by me could be finished by him on the next sprint, and vice-versa.
I designed the entire social messaging layer from scratch, wireframes to UI. My colleague did the initial visual colours of the project, and I maintained and contribute to a kind of a small atomic design file that we shared along the project.

Fluxes and schematics.

As this was a really complex project with a lot of small features, full of rules that crossed one another, it was a key decision to follow the Angular material system, that ‘per se’, along with the Google docs benchmarking, took a lot of weight from our shoulders, leaving us with more agility to focus on untangling those rules and add the other layers like the messaging and personas clearance.

Some other projects

Mobile, tablet and web breakpoints of category page for Integritas web page.
College Nation — USports news app
Altavoz fingerprint login/setup mobile screen-flow

UXer / Gamer / Story-listener

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