Inspiration vs Imitation
Jonnie Hallman

Jonnie, I have followed your work from the days of the DestroyTwitter app. You have are a creative thinker with a unique mind. I think one of the main reasons I like Cushion and I am planning to use it in my next venture is the openness as to how you approach design and tech to make things work. I also like that you are open about showing how much Cushion runs for in terms of all the things you use that are needed to make it run. Sharing that kind of information is useful to everyone.

Some people though do this as a habit, they join something they want to use as inspiration and I think as long as its an inspiration they should, but they should have also the same creative uniqueness so that if they make a competing product that its unique and different by its own merits and not a replica of something that is on someone else time and effort.

In the end as you already know, anyone that can put 2+2 together can code, but no one other than yourself will be able to give life to an app like Cushion like you will do it, because Cushion is not just your ticket home, it is your passion and that can never be imitated. We are rooting for you… =)

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