Since the election of President Trump, a rise of negative perception against the immigrant community has been very much prevalent. This is true, especially on the Latino community, who often times Trump has referred to as” drug dealers, rapist and animals”. Since the leader of the free world so openly displays his feelings about Latino, it has made other people that share his beliefs to follow suit. It is nothing new that business have always hired undocumented immigrants as a form of cheap labor, because they know that this group is very least likely to complain. In New York city, an immigrant worker from Ecuador tells his story about working at an Italian restaurant. He said, difficulties with his boss arose after finally speaking up about his wages. For more than three years, he was only getting paid roughly around $500 for more than 50 hours a week worked. His employer, gave him an I- 9 Employment verification form and said the workers will not be payed unless they filled it out. This tactic is illegal, and employers can be fined up to $10,000 for their first offense and $20,000 for their second offense. (Voices of NY)

“Ever since Trump became president, I have felt that there is more discrimination. [My bosses] are Italian, and they often humiliate us. They tell us: ‘Leave. You have no rights here,’ ‘Trump is my friend,’ ‘Trump is my godfather, and he will come for all of you to kick you out,’ and the managers just laugh and stay silent. They have begun to see us Hispanics as worthless,” said the cook, who is working with his lawyers to file a lawsuit. (Voices of NY).

In the news paper Dia a Dia, I found two stories which I found very interesting that have not been getting any media attention. The newspaper published a story that states that deportations from The Unites States to Mexico are up by 26 percent from last year. If this number is from Mexico alone, I am amussimg the number from other countries are the same if not, much higher. Also, these numbers do not account for people that have been deported, came back, and then deported again. This comes to as a result of the current administration”zero tolerance” policy agaisnt illegal immigration. There was also another story that dealt with exclusively salvadoreans. The Salvadoran ministry of defense for human rights on the exterior is demanding for better treatment of children at the border. Nearly one third of El Salvador population has traveled abroad,in hopes for finding a better life away from gang violence. With recent news of children separating from families, the ministry is concerned about the conditions immigrant children have to endure. Its pleading border authorities to consider the age of the minors and to treat them as if they were their own.


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