Moving from Non tech job to a tech one

I want to make Money!, High tech pays a lot of money!, I want to be a developer.

This may sound familiar to you, depends where you live and how is the technical development in your specific country, but i won’t assume it’s that much different the places like USA/Germany/Israel. Developers are being created and crafted everyday, but for the wrong reasons, and that effected me greatly.

In the past i used to work as technical recruiter for start companies. One thing i hated was talking to a Full stack developer, asking them if they know Angular 2 and Java, saying the words “ yea that sounds good” to every thing the developer says ,since I had no idea what i was asking him , nor what he was answering me. That killed me inside, i felt like an idiot.

I started to read about the basic development stuff. the holy 3 (html/css/js), and got automatically addicted, did some Udemy courses , and finally decided to go to a front end development course. After 5 months , I decided to look for a job. And boy was it hard process

Don’t get me wrong, I know i am not an amazing developer, but i think i’m kinda good as a junior. And interview after interview i felt as if i was being bait to talk about why money is more important then the job it self, as if the recruiter talking to me, doesn’t believe in the purity of heart (wow that was cheesy). I did countless assignments, answered countless questions and exams, just to be asked , ‘ how much do you want to get paid’ , and after my answer which usually will be ‘ i just care about coding and getting experience’, I am asked again if i would be happy to get paid more.

The move from a recruiter to an a junior automation developer , has been extremely hard and exhaustive , to look for the one place who agreed to take a chance with me. A chance to develop my self into what we both want me to be.And yet, it still feels the same, the assumption that my path is towards fame and money (no saying i don’t want money , but it isn’t my biggest worry at this moment).

Why is such an open source ,friendly and free society, so skeptical about reasons to move a profession?

What is the difference from some who go to the same realization as some a a 15 years old kid, at the age of 25 ?