Wow it’s hard getting into Web Development

So i will start off by saying this is the first time i have ever written any public post about anything, so i am deeply sorry if anything here seems written badly or in a wrong manner….

My life professional life started out as a technical recruiter (yes that annoying person who spams your Linkedin Inmail about once a day offering you to join a “cutting edge tech company”), with a specialization at initial state startup companies. I remember posting a junior front-end developer position of on the media platforms and after about 1~ minute getting around 10–15 copied pasted CV’s from highly motivated and highly desperate junior developers who are just about willing to kill to find that first job to kick-start their new career path of development. I specifically remember interviewing over the phone an older fellow (in the dev world i mean around 35 years of age),and he said the finished a dev bootcamp and is looking for his new role. In his voice you can just hear how he was craving to hear the words “ I would like to set up an interview, when are you available” . It was inspiring for me, so much to forced me to sit down and think, do I have the ability to stop my ongoing career and start getting into the world of web development too, knowing oh so well how hard it is?

I first started with the usual learning website we all learn to hate, and quickly figured out that I need some more professional guidance and teaching, So just like all the people who figure out mid-life that they need to study something new and fast, I went to a development class (still in it). Not going to lie, the first 3 months were so simple that i kind of regretted my decision. And then came React.JS. I will stop here a second to say that this not about whats better out the the 3 or 4 biggest JS frameworks, but React changed how i looked at Javascript. I just redid the basics over and over again, typing everything so it gets into my head through the fingertips. and well the helps sometimes, but not enough.

I sent my CV every where i could, pulled any strings available to me to get interviews with companies i knew didn’t want me. And i get why. For the same reason i didn’t want to call in that older fellow from before, he just didn’t know enough to really get in. 
My first assignment i got for assessment was to build a “todo-list” app and send it.Since i didn’t want to overdue my self with using libraries i did everything plain JS (which i though was darn impressive). After the reviewer admired the nice CSS effects I used,he asked for a some new features to add. And this is where I ****ed Up. I have no idea about perfect practice of software architecture, so when it came to adding small things i just chocked. I just sat in-front of the screen, trying to guess where to put everything so it will somewhat look logical. It took me 3 minutes to figure out that i can’t do it, it took me till last minute till deadline to admit it.

Obviously I did not get in, not able to finish 50% of what i was asked for kind of killed it. But it wasn’t the interviewers fault. It was the way that I learned how build and code that was wrong, I learn how to make simple application, with small components and functionality, because its easy to teach to a class of people who finally remembered mid life that they want to learn coding. 
The system is at fault ( wow, that has never been said before hasn’t it). But here the solution makes no sense. small companies don’t have funding to teach juniors and big companies have the prestige of taking top tire graduates who already code from the age of 7 . so where does it put me and people like me who just kind of blossomed late…