What are the top 10 highest grossing horror movies of 2016?

The top grossing horror movie of 2016 made about hundreds of million dollars, and the fans watching horror fashion can be able to foresee which movie is included in the highest grossing films starting from 10 and counting downward to number 1. Check out here the highest box office smashed of 2016 in horror movies.

10. Green Room — Box Office of $3,220,371

The movie is a 2015 horror movie, but was released in April, 2016 and it is directed and written by Jeremy Saulnier. The movie centers on the punk band that discovered themselves attacked by the neo-Nazi skinhead right after witnessing the murder at the remote club in the Pacific Northwest. This movie came from desire of Saulnier’s to direct the thriller set in one green room. The movie has a 90% approval scale on Rotten Tomato and appeared on numerous critics’ list as included in the best movies of 2016. It under performs in their box-office, grossing around $3 million against the budget of $5 million dollars.

9. The Darkness — Box Office of $10,753,574

The film is based on what was spoken as an actual event, regarding the family that visited the Grand Canyon and takes home the supernatural force that give off their fears and then takes over their whole lives. It gained negative reviews from their critics, but still considered a box office hit that grossed about $10. million dollars against the $4 million budget.

8. Blair Witch — Box Office of $20,777,061

This movie is a found footage of supernatural horror movie and this is the third official movie of the Blair Witch series and the direct sequel to the 1999 movies of Blair Witch Project. The movie shot in the found footage design, followed the crowd of college learners and the local guides that ventures in the Black Hills Forest of Maryland to expose the mysteries that surrounds the vanishing of Heather Donahue years ago, the sibling of one of the main characters. The film was given generally negative reviews despite its grossed of $20 million dollars from their budget of $5 million, but was considered as a box office dissatisfaction from the $250 million grossed in 1999.

7. The Witch — Box Office of $25,138,705

This film is a supernatural horror movie both directed and written by Robert Eggers as his directorial debut. The Witch follows the Puritan family meeting forces of the devil in the forest beyond the farm New England. It is widely released by A24 and received optimistic reviews and has a box office victory that grossed about $25 million dollars towards the budget of $4 million dollars.

6. Ouija: Origin of Evil — Box Office of $35,144,505

Ouija is edited by the writer and director Mike Flanagan with co-writer Jeff Howard. The movie is a prequel of the 2014 movie Ouija. The movie’s plot centers on the widow and the family that adds an Ouija panel to the phony séance industry where, unbeknown to them, they have invited the spirit that possessed the most juvenile or the youngest daughter. The movie was released by Universal Studios, which grossed about $35 million. It gained positive reviews and many praises it as the significant progress over the predecessor.

5. The Boy — Box Office of $35,819,556

The Boy is a psychological horror movie by director William Brent Bell with writer Stacey Menear. The film was out by the STX Entertainment on the 2016 of January. The movie made $10.8 million during the opening weekend, and grossed $35.8 million in Canada and in the USA against the budget of $10 million dollars.

4. Lights Out — Box Office of $67,268,835

Lights Out is a supernatural horror movie by director David Sandberg as his main directorial debut. The movie is from 2013 Sandberg short movie identical title. The movie had its global premiere at the Los Angeles Movie Festival and was released in Canada and USA by the Warner Bros. The movie received box office success and positive reviews with a grossed about $67 million against the budget of $4.9 million dollars.

3. The Purge: Election Year — Box Office of $79,042,440

The film is an American dystopian horror, action movie by writer and director James DeMonaco. This is the sequel of the 2014, The Purge: Anarchy and it is the third episode of The Purge franchise. The movie was released on the 2016 of July and grossed about $79 million and became the top grossing movie of this series.

2. Don’t Breathe — Box Office of $89,217,875

The movie is a horror film by director Fede Álvarez with writer Rodo Sayagues and Alvarez. The movie centers on the three buddies who were trapped in the blind man’s dwelling place while breaking it. The film producer was the Good Universe and the Ghost House Pictures. The movie received a huge critical positive review and has a grossed of about $89 million.

1. The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist — Box Office of $102,470,008

This sequel of Conjuring is under the direction of James Wan while the screenplay is made by Chad Hayes, Wan, David Leslie Johnson and Carey Hayes. This is the sequel of the 2013 The Conjuring, and it is the third installment of The Conjuring series. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles here being the paranormal investigators, while the authors Lorraine and Ed Warren in the initial movie. The film followed the Warrens when they traveled to England to help with the Hodgson family, whom were experiencing activity of poltergeist in 1977 at the Enfield house of the council which then became referred as an Enfield Poltergeist. The movie grossed over $102 million worldwide and there is a spin-off prequel movie that is coming in 2018.