3. Don’t give up… the famous premise of almost all sports/action/adventure movies and Shōnen manga

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If you’ve seen movies or anime, there is a high possibility that at least one of those has a protagonist, whose key attribute is to not give up. The protagonist has a goal and faced many hardships during their journey and you can see their success at the end. Rarely you see the movie end in failure, only to find a sequel where the journey continues to success. All we see (and want to see) are success stories of many famous people with their hardships and one unwavering message DON’T GIVE UP. Nobody wants to see the story of a loser, even after the protagonist struggling. I think that should change.

We all have troubles in our life, either moving towards a goal or jetting through the day. And the last thing we would want is the entertainment to be a tragedy (unless the actors are superb at portraying the feelings). To ease ourselves of troubles, there is a possibility that we would be attracted to the movies that motivate us or something that makes us forget our troubles for a while (although there’s drinking, let’s ignore that option). That's one reason many are drawn towards fiction/fantasy worlds with magic and superheroes. At least in my case, I am tired of watching plotlines with this routine.

After becoming unemployed, my life became uncertain, and was trying to hold on the ideal ‘do not give up’. Only to find that it doesn’t always work. I am not good at marketing myself or having short-talks with people. It takes time for me to ease up and interact. With the pandemic, many of the companies are either on a hiring freeze or not open to immigration students. With this, things haven’t been moving past the initial screening call.

I see many posts on many LinkedIn, where people lost their jobs and are requesting help from their network. I don’t think I can post a public message, and I believe that to be a very extreme last resort. I did call/text a few of my ex-colleagues, and that wasn’t very successful either. And the entertainment wasn’t helpful either — there were days when a randomly picked movie has an instance of unemployment (And I was like ‘F***, Really?’. I still watched them).

It kind of became hard to keep telling myself to not give up. My indoor hobbies are the only things keeping me sane during this uncertainty. Then I came across a comic where a protagonist at the peak of despair with an attribute to move forward. It might sound the same as to “NOT GIVE UP”, but it has a unique view to it. To “NOT GIVE UP” means keep moving forward no matter what happens — it also indicates to not give a Fck about anyone else, including the people you care about. This does not apply to everyone.

If you are someone relying on this principle and are under the assumption of happiness — good for you. If not, then I would say find a different principle. What has been working for me currently, is to move forward in baby steps. You might be at the lowest possible situation, what's the worst that could happen even if you move towards your goal? For me, giving up completely seems like the worst-case scenario. Right now I am choosing to keep taking small steps towards what I think would achieve my goals. Do something rather than nothing. It might seem cliche, but once you’ve accepted that you are rock bottom, then instead of trying to avoid it by drinking or procrastinating — Do Something.

As Shia LaBeouf says — “DO IT. JUST DO IT”. And when you are feeling unmotivated, spend time with someone you care or something you like (like a hobby), or have a friendly chat, or watch a movie (preferably something that doesn’t make you think about your goal — so no to motivation movies), or just take a walk, or play video games, or do yoga, or try something new. There are so many things out there to try (some that need some to no money). Its a waste of life to be depressed on something all the time, give it a rest. You can always be depressed tomorrow — be curious and explore from time to time, especially when you are in a state of uncertainty.



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