Main types of auto insurance coverage

Auto insurance is an important purchase for an individual, just like any other insurance. It protects an individual or covers any financial losses which may occur from operating a vehicle. There are many more reasons to buy this insurance policy. One main reason for buying it is to comply with state laws because most of the states require them. If you drive without insurance, you can be fined or your vehicle could be seized.

You will need auto insurance in Fresno to satisfy your lender and protect your assets. If you have a vehicle loan, your lender will require you to have an insurance to safeguard their interest in your car. The insurance policy can provide bodily injury & property damage liability coverage for injuries that occur to others for which you are responsible. The policy may also cover the cost of accident-related repairs to your insured car as well as your medical bills and lost wages.

auto insurance in Fresno

Auto insurance in Fresno can contain different kinds of coverage. Your insurance service provider will provide you professional advice on the type of insurance coverage you should have to meet your specific requirements. Here are a few main types of coverage your policy may include.

Bodily injury liability — This coverage is valid to injuries that you cause to someone else. The minimum coverage for bodily injury liability can be as low as $15,000 per person or $30,000 per accident. In case you injure someone with your vehicle, you can be sued for a lot of money. Ensure the amount of liability coverage you carry is high enough to protect your assets in case of accidents.

Property damage liability — Property damage liability coverage in your auto insurance in Fresno pays for the damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle or property your vehicle hits.

Collision — Collision coverage pays for the harm to your vehicle from a collision with another vehicle, an object, and a pothole or from flipping over. You don’t have to figure out how much to buy. It completely depends on the vehicle you insure. But you need to decide whether to buy it and how large a deductible to take. If the deductible is high, the premium would be low. This kind of coverage is a must for you if your vehicle is new and valuable.

Medical expenses — Medical expenses coverage covers the cost of the medical care for you and your commuters in the event of an accident.

There are many more kinds of coverage in auto insurance in Fresno. Your insurance service provider will help you choose the best coverage matching your needs.