Things in the world that are good

Dear God, our heavenly Father:

There are things in the world that are good 
– leaders who care and look forward, those who see solutions in the face of adversity, small acts of compassion that ripple outwards — 
We ask you to sustain and guide them…

There are things in our world we wish were different 
– the wars and the wounding, the dishonesty and corruption, families torn apart, lost and homeless — 
And we pray for an end to the suffering and tears in your world…

There are things in the church that are good 
– those who work hard and give leadership, members who care for one another, worship that uplifts and inspires — 
And we ask you to bless and encourage all your servants…

There are things in our churches we wish were different 
– when we are inward looking, forgetting the needs of your children, the times when we give in to complacency, when we lack imagination or energy — 
And we ask your Spirit to change things for the better…

There are things in our homes and our communities that are good
– businesses who look after their workers, people who care to go the second mile time and time again, family members sharing love, tolerance and understanding — 
We ask you to encourage and support them…

There are things in our homes we wish were different 
– fighting, bitterness, jealousy, selfishness — 
And we pray for your love and healing …

There are things in our lives that are good
– a loving smile, small acts of kindness, words of support — 
We ask you to nurture and direct us… 
There are things in our lives we wish were different
– strengthen us in times of despair, comfort us in moments of fear, restore us with your courage — 
And we ask you to show us your will for our life …

Dear God, hear us, answer us, and build us up in faith, hope and love, for the sake of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, Amen.

based on a prayer by Rev Jock Stein, Church of Scotland

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