Sunday Prayers: Lent 1, Luke 4:1–13

Call to Worship

One: As darkness gives way to light and winter sleep to fresh beginnings,
All: We come today to be reminded of God’s love for us.
One: Like the green shoots of renewed life, stirring beneath the soil,
All: We welcome an awakening of God’s word in our lives.
One: In this time of reflection and repentance,
All: We affirm our identity, we claim our security, as children of God.

Opening Prayer of Confession

All: Merciful God, You see deep into our hearts and know us better than we know ourselves. Forgive us we pray. For the times we turn away from Your word, remind us that You are the Lord our God, our eternal protector and guide. For our impulses of anger and jealousy, scorn or spite, grant us Your healing peace. For our resistance to forgiveness, generosity and mercy, inspire us with Your compassionate love.

Assurance of Forgiveness
Welcome now the abundant grace of God: in Jesus, your sins are forgiven. And let God’s love comfort and heal your soul.
All: Redeeming God, in You, we are always welcome and accepted, always forgiven and renewed. Draw us closer to You, today and always. Amen.

Offering Prayer

Almighty God, who made us who we are, we offer all of ourselves to You. Take our talents, our energy and our joy, and use us to share Your love. Take our mistakes, our regrets and our pain, and use us to bring Your healing. Magnify the gifts we offer before You today, to spread Your peace in the world. Amen.