When site traffic dropped during the Coronavirus outbreak, this is how one furniture retailer recovered revenue

Asking The Right Questions

Every eCommerce leader knows that the vast percentage of website visitors don’t buy. When an online furniture store asked themselves, “how can we turn more visitors into buyers?” the answer they found was completely unexpected.

With an average order of over $500, they believed that insight into this question could make a significant difference to their business. While they had strategies for improving cart abandonment, there were obviously visitors who never made it as far as the shopping cart.

What was getting in the way of those visitors who come with an intention to buy but never make it to the shopping cart?

The director of eCommerce made the assumption that some customers came to browse, some to research, and some to comparison shop. These were visitors who were not ready to buy. But there were certainly people who came with the intention of buying — people who had done research, were ready to buy, but never made it to the cart. Something had interfered with their completing the transaction.

Solving The Mystery Of Lost Visitors

This company turned to Voiceable to help them engage their visitors while they were browsing. Voiceable uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human-assisted voice that is more like real time interaction with a sales agent. By using Voiceable, this company discovered that the sticking points of visitors involved getting information that the website design had not anticipated.

Closing Deals That Would Have Been Lost

Here are two examples of how customers were assisted and ended up purchasing where they would have otherwise left in frustration. One visitor used voice assistance to ask the following question: “what is the smallest possible mid-century modern sofa” for a small condo. In order to get this information, the customer would have had to look at each sofa for the dimensions and would have been frustrated and left. The website was not set up to filter by style and then sort by size. Voiceable’s smart assistance received the question at the moment that help was needed and closed the sale.

In another case, the customer wasn’t clear about what colors a recliner came in. Voiceable’s smart assistance, passed on the information and the customer checked out.

When Every Visitor Counts, How You Can Recover Lost Sales For Free

Voiceable is confident that any website can do the same. We are offering the next 3 companies that sign up for our smart assistance, a free 90 day trial so you can learn what roadblocks are stopping your customers from buying and determine how many sales you can recover. To sign up for this offer, contact gill@voiceable.co and mention code: MED04

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