Stories of Epilepsy

Been a while since I have had to write about this, but sadly that time has come again.

Recently I arrived home quite stressed, a lot of business to attend to and very little time. I was asked to help with building a desk by my girlfriend which is fine, I was asked a question and I was unable to answer. I could feel myself losing track of what I was thinking, immediately thought about taking my medication. A strange occurrence, it was almost like my mind knew what to think about but couldn't quite form the thought.

I take two types of medication and I managed to take both, my thinking was it usually offers a placebo like release. I sat down trying to think clearly hoping that my mind would stabilize and bring me out of the panic.

Next thing I know, I am sitting next to my girlfriend who is there dabbing my face, as it turns out I had crashed face first into my bedroom floor which in this case is laminate. I had a burst nose and top lip, lump on my forehead and considerably unstable, took me a while to come out of the daze.

I was told afterwards that I went face first into a football shirt, so I was essentially inhaling my own blood. At a certain moment she tells me I went a shade of grey, which I can only imagine was horrifying for her. Different circumstances could have proven fatal. So I am lucky in that respect, to have good people around me, but for the past week I have had to suffer a headache not known to the normal world.w